Yung Bae Delivers a Summer Anthem with "Body Talk"

Kieran Kohorst

As summer playlists start to take shape, we are all looking for music to soundtrack the excitement of the year’s most formative season. Whether it’s on the way to a late-night rendezvous, livening up a pre-game atmosphere, or relaxing poolside, these experiences will only be heightened by the sounds of Yung Bae. While his catalog as a whole lends itself well to the warm months approaching, new single “Body Talk” is the perfect compliment to your summer plans. The standout producer enlists Mayer Hawthorne as a feature on the track, the two surrendering to the serenity of a good time. The song effectively captures all that we love about this time of year: it is care-free but present in the moment, euphoric in its overwhelming bliss, a pleasure that you could never feel guilty about. The accompanying music video is essentially a free-flowing montage of Yung Bae’s most candid moments paired with clips of his purest joy, that being performing on stage. To see the unfiltered delight to be taken in Yung Bae’s music through the music video only bolsters the song’s charm. No matter where you may find yourself, it’s going to be difficult to take “Body Talk” off repeat.

“Body Talk” is a dynamic piece of funk-pop with more influences than can be named, making the track reflective of Yung Bae’s artistry as a whole. As a sampler, producer, and songwriter, the 28-year-old multi-faceted musician is as obscure as he is sincere in his music: his past work has seen him delve authentically into ‘80’s Japanese city pop and vaporwave stylings. His latest project, 2022’s Groove Continental: Side A, saw Yung Bae flourish alongside the voices of EARTHGANG, Channel Tres, and Pink Sweat$, among others. His infectious impulses have made him a festival favorite, finding himself on the stages of Coachella, Outside Lands, Firefly, and more. Wielding creative freedom in his upcoming ventures, Yung Bae sets the tone for the upcoming season, both in his career and our summer escapades.

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