anees Welcomes Campers with Long Awaited Debut Album 'Summer Camp'

Noah Schwartz

Following anees pretty heavily for a few years now, it’s super exciting to finally have a body of work from him to run up. anees’ debut album summer camp has been in the works for quite some time now, but it feels like the timing is perfect with summer officially here. The 10 song project has two songs that most fans are familiar with which is “slip” and “sun and moon,” but we got blessed with 8 brand new tracks to hold us over for a bit.

Since the beginning of anees’ career, he’s always made all of his fans feel welcomed and truly feel part of the community he's built – so it’s no surprise that the name of his album is "summer camp." The community is technically the campers and anees is the camp counselor. Summer camp is a safe space for everyone to feel comfortable and at home – a place where people are open minded and full of positive energy and love.

During the first listen, I really gravitated towards “alien,” and “so long,” but I feel like each record offers something different for everyone to enjoy. This is what anees had to say on his Twitter about the album:

You can catch anees on his “summer camp tour” now – tickets available here.

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