Zack McDonald Is Combining Music with Fantasy In The Most Innovative Way Possible

Riley Furey

Zack McDonald is an up and coming author who is setting out to complete his first ever fantasy book The Song of Hidden Stars, and there is a special twist within the story that will have music fans fawning to get their hands on a copy.

McDonald started sharing his ideas for the book months ago, and in the time since then he has amassed nearly forty thousand followers on Instagram alone, has hired the editor that worked on the most recent Hunger Games novel, and has brought his characters to life with cutting edge visuals (like the fire drumming photo below). 

And not only that, but the story will be accompanied with an album that enlists help from an assortment of up and coming artists that can be scanned with QR codes to listen to them while you’re reading.

The synopsis states that after main character Riley Taylor begins to feel trapped in his hometown, he is introduced to a kind of magic that can only be found through music. When he is invited to study at a school where he too can learn to find magic in his guitar, he and several others are presented with the adventure of a lifetime across the Canadian Provinces to find the song they seek

I’ve personally been reading more than ever this year due to the fact that my girlfriend and I are aiming to read fifty books apiece this year (which you can keep up with on my GoodReads), and when a reel of this story came across my timeline, I knew I was going to be supporting the story in any way that I could.

“The Song of Hidden Stars” isn’t set for release until September 24th since it’s still in its draft phases, but I highly recommend that you check back here when the time comes for a full blown review, and to follow Zack on Instagram to follow along with his journey to completion. I promise you won’t regret it.

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