24 Artists to Watch in 2024 [Staff Picks]

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To kick off the new year with a touch of anticipation, our team has carefully selected 24 artists poised for a potential breakout. Regardless of whether our predictions hit the mark or take a detour, these are names worth getting acquainted with if you haven't already. Let’s dive in!

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24 Artists to Watch in 2024


Justend's single "michael myer" sparked my excitement for his musical journey, and the recent collaboration with Souly Had on "internet girl" set the tone for 2024. With 205,520 monthly Spotify listeners as I’m writing this, Justend's unique sound and approach makes him an artist to watch closely this year. Don't miss out on what promises to be a remarkable year for this burgeoning talent.

Amie Blu

Amie Blu is on the brink of her breakthrough, and the anticipation is palpable. Her marketing strategy, characterized by a consistent surge in short-form content, has been instrumental in introducing her soothing vocal tone to an expanding audience of music lovers like us. Fresh off her recent signing with Def Jam, Blu is currently teasing fans with a preview of yet another captivating song. With standout personal favorites like "powder," "grab my coat," and "Are We Alright?" already under her belt, there's an abundance of musical richness to fuel our excitement for what promises to be an exhilarating year for Amie Blu.


We tried to warn you back in our October Lineup when 4batz had 65K monthly Spotify listeners, but 4batz is fully blowing up right now, sitting at 3.2 million monthly listeners and a new Instagram following of 322K. With only two songs out, 4batz has all the hype, but for good reason. His vocal tone teeters the line of hip-hop / rap, and R&B, showing a versatility that has mainstream appeal. Even Kanye West got ahold of him recently, as 4batz posted a video of himself on FaceTime with Ye. All eyes on 4batz this year and what happens next with his project.


Zzz. has been on the rise for a couple years now, but we have a feeling 2024 could be his breakout year. With 2023 singles like “X’s & O’s,” “Fly,” and “U & I,” Zzz. has been consistently releasing polished pop-leaning hip-hop tracks that hold weight. If you’ve seen any of his TikToks or Reels, you’ll notice Zzz. sounds even better live. To me, that’s the true test for an artists’ longevity, and Zzz. passed with flying colors. Keep an eye on Zzz. in 2024.

Hans Williams

Hans Williams has been steadily growing the past couple years, and with new music already confirmed later this month and his debut EP to follow, I can only see his ascent to the top of your playlists becoming more and more plausible. "Georgia Walks" was easily one of the best songs of 2023, and as Hans matures even further as an artist, I know he's capable of making magic for years to come.


Deyaz has undeniably captured my attention, consistently appearing on my feed with compelling short-form content. His unique look and distinctive vibe set him apart in his genre. His cover of "home" immediately piqued my interest and heightened my anticipation for what Deyaz has in store for 2024. With an already substantial catalog, I encourage you to explore his existing work, as I believe his music holds lasting appeal. Keep an eye on Deyaz as he emerges as a noteworthy artist in the music scene this year.


Henrik has quickly become one of the most intriguing artists on my radar this year. His debut release for the new year, "Half of forever," is already making waves just a few weeks in. With a promising start like this, it's exciting to think about where he could be in just a few months. Given his pattern of consistent releases and effective social media promotion, Henrik is poised to ascend rapidly and establish himself as a prominent figure in the folk music scene. Keep an eye on his journey as he sets the stage for a breakthrough in 2024.


Atlanta rapper KARRAHBOOO instantly came into her own last year as a standout member of Lil Yachty’s Concrete Boys label. Recent tracks such as “Running Late'' and “Box the 40” highlighted KARRAH’s witty bars and unique presence over upbeat instruments, while the rapper’s viral appearance on Concrete’s On the Radar Freestyle helped display her confidence and calm demeanor when spitting. With a Concrete Boys project teased at the end of last year, KARRAHBOOO’s name is only going to get bigger in 2024.


The 24-year-old rapper from Kissimmee, Florida epitomizes the growing roster of talented artists at the 10K record label. Never one to shy away from innovation, Niontay has experimented with his sound on his 2023 album, Dontay’s Inferno. From effortlessly flowing over a beautiful self-produced drumless beat on "Thank Allah" to splitting verses with fellow Floridian rapper, 454, on "Super Bowl LVIII," Niontay’s skillset is compelling. With cosigns from some of the brightest, genre-leading rappers such as Earl Sweatshirt and MIKE, Niontay has the support and ability to take 2024. Expect him to strike while the iron is hot and make this year his breakout.


In 2023, Elmiene released his debut EP Marking My Time with widely well received tracks such as “Someday”, “Mad At Fire”, and title track “Marking My Time” surpassing millions of streams. Elmiene also graced many noteable artists to watch lists such as VEVO’s DSCVR series, Spotify’s Rising R&B list, and Amazon Music UK’s Breakthrough Artist series. Elmiene’s sound is a graceful blend of soul, jazz, and r&b, his lush vocals stand out strongly amongst his peers. Gradually gaining more and more eyes and ears Elmiene is gearing up for an even stronger 2024.


In 2023, bby made a dynamic entrance onto the music scene with their smash single, "hotline." Blending elements of 90s and 00s rock, bby's sound is a harmonious blend of familiarity and innovation, thanks to their unconventional songwriting. Despite being in the early stages of their musical journey, 2024 holds the promise of a potential full-length project, EP, or LP from bby, offering an opportunity to showcase their talent in crafting a cohesive collection of songs.

The Last Dinner Party

While we might not be the first, nor the last, to give a vote of confidence to the English quartet, it is practically impossible to overstate the power The Last Dinner Party will behold this year. Armed with rich creative substance, musical, lyrical, and referential, their debut single “Nothing Matters” turned heads – and with reason. Now as we inch closer to the release of their debut record Prelude to Ecstacy, we can only hope to encounter the all-consuming baroque rock album of our dreams, and everything in between.

Souly Had

Souly Had dropped next to no music last year, and it seems like that decision was calculated to make 2024 that much more impactful. In the past two months alone he's dropped some of my favorite music, and he's seeking to carve his own lane after finding success early in his career. 2024 may not be the year you've heard his music for the first time, but it is without a doubt time for phase 2.


Rising artist Odeal grew up between Nigeria, Spain, and the UK allowing for a diverse blend of musical influences. Odeal takes elements of R&B, Alté, and Afro genres producing a unique progressive style. His 2023 album Thoughts I Never Said was heavily R&B influenced bringing us a gorgeous cohesive body of work from start to finish. Going into 2024, I’d love to see more live content and shows from Odeal as he really steps into the next era of his career.


In 2023, Geese delivered an outstanding rock album, 3D Country (undeniably one of my personal favorites of the year), followed by the eclectic EP, 4D Country. While rock may not be dominating the current music landscape, Geese have masterfully revived the sounds of bygone decades, surpassing many of their peers in this nostalgic endeavor. Are we anticipating another full-length emotional masterpiece like 3D Country next year? Not necessarily. Are we expecting Geese to unveil a series of off-the-wall, genre-bending surprises? Absolutely.


There are three things certain in life: death, taxes, and a french EDM duo taking the world by storm every few years. Paris-based sibling duo Jersey burst onto the scene last year through viral underground live sets around Paris with creative visuals and raw energy. The group's first EP, The World I’m Searching For, added to the hype with a collection of upbeat, euphoric tracks drawing comparisons to Fred Again.. and others. Look for Jersey to make even bigger waves in EDM and live this year.

Chappell Roan

Missouri native singer and songwriter, Chappell Roan has steadily built her catalog and fanbase since 2017. Roan’s aptly named 2023 album, The Rise and Fall of a Midwest Princess, was met with near-unanimous acclaim. The upcoming year will likely set the scene for her meteoric rise as she tours with pop superstar, Olivia Rodrigo. Roan’s expressive personality, powerful vocals, and penchant for nuanced songwriting make her a befitting candidate to capture the hearts and minds of an ever-growing passionate, and emotional fanbase.


UK Rapper SamRecks released debut EP Easier Said Than Done in the summer of last year, with largely successful tracks “Back Pack”, “SUMO”, and “Situationship 2” on the tracklist. SamRecks really stands out to me amongst the rising UK hip-hop scene, his branding, aesthetic, choice of production, and style are all very cohesive and well curated. His music has found a loyal audience on TikTok and as an artist SamRecks uses this as a tool tastefully and strategically. I’d love to see even more visuals from Sam in 2024, more live content, and of course new music.

Allen Haley

Fresh from the success of his debut EP, You Don't Know What's Next, Allen Haley is poised to carve out an even more remarkable path in 2024. Spanning genres from pop and R&B to hip-hop and beyond, Haley's versatility resonates strongly with a broad audience. With an undeniable mainstream appeal, it appears only a matter of time before his music graces the top of the charts and the airwaves.

Marlon Funaki

Marlon Funaki has been steadily working towards a defining sound of his own, and this is the year it's all looking to come together. He has a handful of hits already on streaming, and after getting an early listen to what's coming next, I can already tell you Marlon is going to have a breakout 2024.


There comes a time in an artist's career, somewhere between their debut record and the rest of their professional career, where they deliver a project that changes everything. Madeline Links (PACKS) is right at the cusp of this “forever after” phenomena. Amped up, yet distorted, abstract, yet exact, PACKS’ sound, particularly everything leading up to the upcoming album Melt The Honey, is a captivating balancing act sure to pull you in.

hemlocke springs

Although she gained a significant buzz from short-form TikTok hits, hemlocke springs’ music is anything but superficial. The singer-songwriter possesses a beautiful falsetto voice and vocal range which I would liken to liquid gold; fitting any desired form effortlessly and beautifully. springs’ proclivity for weighty songwriting that fits the emotions of her audience dovetails beautifully with her infectious hooks. Embodying the mainstream pop appeal of classics such as Cyndi Lauper and the eccentricity of modern stars like Ashnikko, hemlocke springs is assuredly one to watch in 2024.

Biking With Francis

Charlotte-based trio Biking With Francis only started releasing music last year, but they have already begun to make themselves known as an exciting force in Hip-hop and R&B. Comprised of Garrett Sparrow, Max Leonard, and Joshua Raw, the group’s HONEYDEW EP and recent singles have shown flashes of colorful instrumentation, energetic delivery, and an overall sense of energy and excitement. Their most recent single, “CERBERUS” was even sampled by redveil for the new Rich Brian and Rick Ross collaboration “LiGhT rAiLs.” With the groups second EP, BRUNETTE, releasing on January 26, Biking With Francis is set to make a lot of noise in 2024.


Last year @, a folk-pop duo fronted by Victoria Rose and Stone Filipaczak, released their debut album Mind Palace Music. Ambient and eclectic, the record showcased the duo's modern take on traditional folk. Their follow up EP, Are you there God? It’s me, @, saw them venture into more experimental territories, while still calling back to their roots. Inquisitive and diverse in sound, I am certain @ will be a go to act for people looking to expand their daily listening rituals this new year.

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