Five Artists Primed for a Massive 2022

Nate Fenningdorf

Here at Sheesh, we tune in to hundreds of talented artists every year. We have found that it is very difficult to predict if an artist will rise or fall in popularity as the music industry has become increasingly volatile. In 2021, many artists blessed us with incredible music to comfort us all year. As we move on to 2022, we wanted to make our picks of the artists we believe will have the most success throughout the year. Here are our selections for the artists we believe are primed for a massive 2022.

1. Wallice

Wallice Sheesh Media

2021 was Wallice’s year. Through all of the uncertainty, the 22-year-old artist was able to find her distinctive indie-rock sound and build an impressive following. After a productive year of dropping music that included her debut EP Off The Rails, Wallice currently has 511k monthly listeners on Spotify and over 18k followers on Instagram. Looking forward, Wallice’s growth will undoubtedly continue. Starting on January 31st, Wallice will start her 55 show tour alongside fellow artist Still Woozy. The LA-based artist has already proven her abilities as a musician and there is no doubt in our mind that she will continue to rise in popularity through 2022. Don’t sleep on Wallice this year, we guarantee you’ll miss out.

2. Austin George

Austin George Sheesh Media

Austin George burst onto the scene in 2021. While he has only released two songs, "bluebonnets" and "Hands On You," the Dallas, TX artist has over 1.3 million monthly listeners and tens of millions of streams across streaming platforms. The 20-year-old artist saw massive growth in part due to TikTok. Through posting funny videos that highlighted his music, millions of people tuned into his emotional music. Now, with over 936k followers and 34 million likes on TikTok, he is one of the most successful artists to rise through the app.

2022 is undoubtedly going to be a huge year for Austin George. The rising artist is said to be working on his debut album that will be released sometime in 2022, we are sure the album will do numbers as he offers a refreshing new sound to listeners. All eyes will be on Austin for the remainder of the year as his highly anticipated debut album arrives.

3. Sadie Jean

Sadie Jean Sheesh Media

If you are remotely tuned into the music industry and pop-culture, you know who Sadie Jean is. After taking the industry by storm with her uber-viral TikToks that showcased her song "WYD Now?," Sadie Jean was launched into the national spotlight. The 19-year-old NYU Clive Davis Institute student majoring in Recorded Music has over 3 million monthly listeners and over 29 million streams on her song "WYD Now?." While there are still many unknowns about Sadie Jean, her incredible musical abilities will allow her to continue shining through 2022. She has built a fanbase that stretches through generations due to her authenticity and relatable lyrics. Simply put, 2022 will be a huge year for Sadie Jean.

4. Arden Jones

Arden Jones Sheesh Media

Arden Jones is another young artist with tremendous upside. His raw vocal performances and impactful melodies have struck a note with fans and led to large-scale success in 2021. Arden Jones currently has just over 750,000 monthly listeners on Spotify which speaks to his growing influence. Further, his song "Parallel Parking" has racked up over 12 million streams on Spotify in less than a year.

2022 is already looking like it will be a big year for the LA born artist. Arden had teased an unreleased song called “horror story” on TikTok (now live on platforms) which has received tremendous support from his followers. If 2022 looks anything like 2021 for Arden, we can expect more big songs and continued growth.

5. Bakar

Bakar Sheesh Media

Although Bakar is an established artist who has seen plenty of success throughout his career, we believe that he has the potential to become a household name in 2022. On Spotify, the London, UK artist has over 3.3 million monthly listeners and 127 million streams on his smash hit "Hell N Back." Other songs like “1st Time” and “Stop Selling Her Drugs” have tens of millions of streams, and continue to get recognition as influential, genre-bending songs. Recently, Bakar has demonstrated his unique ability to evolve his sound as he has started to fuse more vibrant colors into his recent work. This is why we believe his 2022 album will be groundbreaking. 2022 will show how special Bakar is. With his new album Nobody’s Home on the horizon, we are sure that this year will be one to remember for the captivating artist.

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