3 Artists to Invest Your Belief in

Ben Higgins
Baby Rose

Music discovery today is more prevalent than ever before, which we love here at Sheesh. Social Media has allowed for any artist to go from 100 to 100,000 monthly listeners in a matter of weeks, leading to potential for a new hit artist to arrive on the scene in an instant. But this development has the potential to come with a downside, as it can be difficult to know whether an artist will win you over for the long haul or if their success will be short-lived. Here are three artists that I believe are worth your long term investment, who have won me over through consistency, artistic integrity, and their unique sound. 

1. Jordan Ward

Jordan Ward is a name to remember in the industry. The latest star to come out of the St. Louis scene, Ward’s ability to create unique and catchy melodies makes him the perfect singer for any hook. The recent Interscope signee has made recent noise with his dual single "IDC (feat. Joony)" and "Lil Baby Crush," which dropped in late October. What I love most about Jordan Ward is his ability to maintain a consistent sound over a vast variety of styles. While the genre of his music spreads from hip-hop, to indie, R&B, alternative, and pop – a Jordan Ward song will always feel continuous through his elite songwriting ability. His dynamic talent leaves me to believe his rise is just beginning. 

2. Rahul

Rahul is one of my favorite new artists to rise recently. I knew he was different when he released the music video for his breakout hit “ANECDOTE.” The alternative hip hop artist got his start in the industry by directing music videos, and his ability to story tell through both audio and video displays one of the most creative artists I’ve seen in a long time. Rahul is leading a way with a unique and new sound in the genre. For example, in his song "A.M. Feta Means," his ability to utilize effects on his voice and create interesting changes rapidly in a song shows influences of hyperpop fusing with hip-hop to create a sound that will be popular for years to come.

3. Baby Rose

Every once in a while, I hear a voice that simply drops my jaw. I had that pleasure my first time hearing R&B’s next superstar Baby Rose. A true alto singer, Baby Rose credits her vocal influences to legendary singers Nina Simone, Billie Holliday, and Janis Joplin. Her talent is not going unnoticed, featuring with Dreamville on their grammy nominated album Revenge of the Dreamers III, and receiving a spotlight on Sir Elton John’s iconic Apple Music Show Rocket Hour. Effortlessly smooth, emotive, and empowering, Baby Rose creates a soundscape through her voice that instantly grasps anyone with ears. Best shown in her moving track "Borderline," She completes her art through poetic lyricism and raw vulnerability that combined with her melody writing, establishes a sound that is transcendent in modern R&B.

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