3 Artists Who Need to Release New Music

Nate Rummel

Artists love nothing more than blowing up and going MIA. This happens across the entertainment world, and it’s heartbreaking to fall in love with someone only for them to go inactive for the next four years. I don’t really feel like writing more filler content up here and I know you just came for the list, so let’s jump into the three artists who need to drop new music ASAP:


Nobody’s out here like “yo I’m a huge SAINt JHN fan”, but I think that needs to change. The Brooklyn-born rapper is one of my favorites in the game. Unfortunately, after seeing massive success from the Imanbek remix of his 2018 single, “Roses”, he’s gone quiet. He’s dropped a couple singles, but I need an album.

SAINt JHN sits somewhere in the world of trap music, but I don’t think it’s fair to fully throw him in that box. He’s too lyrical and original to be in the same conversation as Migos and DaBaby. The masses might not realize it yet, but his unique take on the dark trap sound will give his music longevity. After getting seemingly every feature he could ask for on his last album, I can’t wait to hear what’s next.

Juice WRLD

Bet you didn’t expect to see him in this list. Hear me out though. Juice WRLD allegedly has thousands of songs, and this wouldn’t surprise me at all, given his otherworldly work ethic and freestyling skills. Also, like any reasonable person, I’ve gone down the YouTube rabbit hole of his unreleased music and come across dozens of potential hits.

Juice WRLD took melodic rap to the next level and helped countless listeners through struggles with mental health. Check out this article I wrote on the two year anniversary of his passing to hear me gush in more detail. The music is out there, so let’s get it on streaming services.

Dominic Fike

Dear Dominic,

You are one of my favorite artists, but you’ve left me hanging for the last few years. I can’t say I don’t get it. I mean, now you’re a boyfriend and Calvin Klein model, you have bigger fish to fry. But you have to understand, people are losing it. Fans of the music are losing it over your lack of new songs. Girls are losing it over your looks. And Euphoria fans are losing it over your four-minute interruption of the Season 2 finale. As one of those fans of the music, I thought I’d write a little haiku to let you know where my head’s at.

Drop some new music

Or I will find where you live

And post it online

The only way out is to drop some new heat, preferably with some rap songs on it. You have six months.

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