5 Artists Playing Lollapalooza 2024 For The First Time

Ryan McGee
Photo by John Cotter

Lollapalooza is truly a one-of-a-kind festival taking place directly in the epicenter of one of the biggest cities in the world, Chicago. It's pure blissful musical chaos among millions of music lovers with a scenic skyline background.

I have been blessed to experience shows people would only dream of seeing in such an intimate setting because of this festival. Whether it was Frank Ocean in a 250-person crowd back in 2012, or seeing artists like Clairo and Young Thug perform their set to start the day in front of 50 people. I could go on and on about these types of sets, which is why I want to introduce you to the new batch of artists who have the potential to become as big as the names I mentioned. 


To say I’ve been obsessed with this band would be an understatement. Hearing “IN_OUT” at the beginning of 2022, I was immediately hooked. It became my most streamed song of the entire year. I’ve seen them play twice live in Chicago already including the iconic Metro Theatre. It's safe to say their live set will be can’t miss this year for the hometown heroes.

Tommy Richman

Tommy is another artist who had me invested the minute I heard his smooth intricate voice on the track, “BUNKER/PREROLL” back in 2022. He has been rocking out opening for huge crowds on Brent Faiyaz's tour. Simply put, Tommy will be the artist you'll be telling your friends you were at in five years and they won’t believe you.

Godly The Ruler

Godly The Ruler is one of the most underrated talented alternative hip-hop artists out there right now. Godly has had the Midwest wave on lock, so I’m excited to see him get this opportunity to showcase what he’s been building for his hometown crowd

Walter The Producer

As his name suggests, Walter The Producer is one of the most talented producers in the underground artist game right now. I can’t understate how important this set is to introducing his sound as an artist and producer to such a massive audience.

Adan Diaz

I’ve personally watched Adan become one of Chicago’s favorites for a while now. He always champions and represents the city to the highest standard. I can clearly imagine hearing his voice while walking through the Lollapalooza gates and immediately going to check out his set. It will ultimately be one of the sets you remember the entire weekend. 

If you’re going to buy a ticket to Lolla, I highly recommend going to find these soon-to-be headliner artists. They will be the ones you remember and continue talking about for years to come.

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