Adam Oh Begins 2021 with Timely Vibes on The Introspective Album 'SEVERANCE' [Album Review]

Conner Crosby

After steadily building momentum with solid releases over the past two years, Adam Oh transitioned into the new year with the release of his first album, SEVERANCE.

Adam, whose music took a particularly introspective turn during quarantine, thoroughly maps out his feelings and struggles on the album. The project is unique in its relatively upbeat and pleasant-sounding treatment of heavier themes, and while that in itself may be a curious artistic choice, it is not without merit. Generally speaking, optimistic and pleasant music should be celebrated, and beyond that, the honesty and creativity present are quite admirable. Adam showcases a significant amount of confidence and personality on the album, especially on some of the brand new tracks. A favorite is “TORN UP!,” a high point in terms of cleverness and coherence lyrically, whilst simultaneously in terms of energy and sonic ambition. The bars are witty and hit just hard enough for a track of its nature, resulting in a very entertaining song that still aligns with the project’s themes.

Another standout track on SEVERANCE is “CRY IT OUT.” Applying lessons learned from the internal struggles detailed in other tracks, Adam and guest vocalist Kish adopt an empathetic approach that emphasizes commonality.

You say you’re not doing too hot

But I don’t mind

Cause I’m not doing too hot

Fuck being alright

The track observes the pain of someone else, and effectively communicates that because everyone is going through something these days, and we now have a better grasp of how to care for one another. The message is perfect for the times we are in, and the form through which it is communicated is a melodic and exceptionally catchy song. If you’re looking for some introspection coupled with some positivity, we highly encourage you to give Adam Oh and his excellent album SEVERANCE a listen below.

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