Eli Sostre Visits The Afterlife With Album "Emori"

Perry Avgerinos

There's a wave of mystery that surrounds the Brooklyn based RnB/Hip-Hip artist/producer Eli Sostre. Staying to himself mostly and pretty quiet on social media, it's evident where he's been all this time – creating a sonically progressive Trap Soul masterpiece.

First arriving on Spotify in 2014 with his single "With The Homies," Eli through and through has stayed true to himself and his purpose, often referencing his humble beginnings growing up in the Marcy Projects (home to Jay-Z) in Brooklyn, NY. Emori, which originates from Latin, meaning "I die," is Eli's 4th studio album, reminiscing on Eli's personal growth, as he's become a father, his relationships with women, to life in the projects. The album features production from Eli himself, co-writer Kenneth Soriano, and industry titan Johan Lenox.

Part of Eli's midnight trap aura stems from the unique production complementing Eli's vocal tone, which contains just the right amount of auto-tune and reverb. He manages to swing listeners track to track with his singing, backed by emotional instrumentation, to the grittier roots of his signature unhurried trap cadence. The album's opening single "New Opps" baits the listener with orchestral production, soul-touching vocal harmonies, gospel-esque chords, and finally, hooks the listener in once the kick drops with Eli's verse.

"To be gifted, you live with a curse for it

Problems I can't got to church for

So I don't got time for no hurt, ho"

It still blows my mind how slept on Eli Sostre is. With 77,602 Spotify followers, it's only a matter of time before he tips over into the mainstream. Do yourself a favor, and dive into Emori below.

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