Harry Hudson is “Here For You” in new Album [Album Review]

Ian Tsang

Many people may not know Harry Hudson, but it’s the music they need to hear right now. Hudson’s sophomore album, Hey I’m Here For You, comes as a comforting “hand on the shoulder” after a turbulent year for many.

Bringing back his passionate lyrics, hipster-cowboy persona, and genuine openness, Hudson lays his heart out once again for first-time listeners and stans alike. Prior to its release, Hudson dropped singles: "Let Me," "Give Up On Us," and "Overwhelmed." However, the track “Closing Doors” - featuring Astrid S - resonated with fans, once again pouring his soul into a passionate ballad about love and the inevitable second guessing we all face.

“Love is closing doors, to find our way back to opening, what we had before, to take the time to notice what we lost

And how to start, start again, love is closing doors and maybe this is where we begin”

Part of what makes Hudson an undiscovered gem, is his undeservingly low audience compared to the immense talent he has. The 27 year old from New Jersey has a way of bending genres such as folk, rock, pop, and EDM that have resulted in two classic, yet underrated, albums. The singer even draws from personal experience, often writing about his own romantic escapades, a love letter to his father (track: Love, Dad), and his inspiring cancer battle - after being diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma at 20.

Going full circle, Hudson’s debut album, Yesterday’s Tomorrow Night, was a means for the singer to reassure fans that “everything would be okay.” The 15-track project took fans on a ride through various phases of his relationship, and his own struggle to move on. Now, Hudson sought to show them they’re not alone. Hidden in his lyrics, he tells stories of longing for love, the pursuit of happiness, finding alternate meanings in the outcome, and the ability to stay content; his dyadic projects only contribute to his overall ability to create musical therapy.

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