Aidan Bissett Shares The Whirlwind Of Love On Supernova [EP Review]

Riley Furey

No matter what Aidan Bissett releases, he will be in my good graces because of how great "Tripping Over Air" is. Honestly since that release though, I haven’t resonated as much with his music. And since I am committed to supporting artists, I decided that I would give this project an honest listen out of respect. And I am so glad I did.

It’s clear to me that Supernova is a short six song story that carries just about every emotion that love will make you feel. Bissett boasts about jealousy and envy, and is washed over with infatuation.

The middle of the project shares a burst of emotion that can only be summarized by a Supernova, and the aptly titled project rips my heart out of my chest with the feelings he carries as heavy as anvils. Late night drives with my girlfriend will never feel the same again, and Aidan’s music brings tears to my eyes when I apply his words to my own life.

This album makes me fall deeper in love with music, my girlfriend, and with living as a whole. I’ve been searching for an overwhelmingly euphoric release to carry off the back of Tripping Over Air, and Bissett did that and more with over half of this project.

Final Opinion: If you want to feel like the main character or let the emotions of love set in even deeper, I promise that 4-5 songs off of Supernova will get you there. One of my favorite EP’s of the year.

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