Get To Know Artist and DJ Aidan Cullen [Interview]

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There isn’t anything in music that Aidan Cullen can’t do. He is an artist, producer, dj, and a live event host who has recently started releasing tracks of his own. His most recent singles “hard to grow” and “I’m Lonely” prove just how bright his future is. Learn more about Aidan Cullen below:

Tell us about your musical background and what got you into it.

My dad was a DJ growing up from Ireland. Also, when I was kid growing up he would just play a bunch of explicit rap. I would be four years old in the car listening to gangster rap. While all of my friends were listening to pop, I was listening to gangster rap. That is kind of how it started.

What kind of artists did you listen to?

50 Cent, Akon, and stuff like that. 2000s rap.

When did you start making music yourself?

In middle school, everyone was making SoundCloud rap. I would make it too, but the first one I really put out got like 17,000 plays. For middle school standards, people would like know me as the rapper kid. I didn’t make music again until I graduated high school which was like a year ago. My girlfriend and I broke up, and I was so sad. I needed a way to get it out so I made my first song. I just started making songs every day.

How important is music for channeling those emotions?

It’s everything. I think music is energy. I believe music is the key to manifestation. I listen to my music and I’m like, “I manifested that.” I’ve never written a song in my life. I just freestyle. I just let it feel.

And you’re a producer as well. How important is it to have multiple lanes of music?

Everyone’s favorite rappers like Young Nudy, Playboi Carti, and all of these people. I have been meeting them through djing these parties. I was also just with Lil Tecca. I wouldn’t really make those connections yet through making music. Since I have a different leverage of throwing 1,500 people club events, it separates me and will help me blow up.

Transitioning into your song, “hard to grow.” How did it come about and how is it special to you?

That song is how I make every song. There is a producer who is a close friend, and I told him I need guitar stuff. He did it, but I didn’t like the drums so I recorded it with different drums. I also had a festival I was performing at, and I opened up for Shoreline Mafia. I was listening to my music and was thinking, “I need to make more music before this performance.”

What was it like opening for Shorline Mafia?

It was lit. I don’t really have stage fright because I’m always on stage, but it was dope. Performing as an artist coming up is hard because when people don’t know the music there is sometimes a disconnect. Being a good live performer is hard.

“Hard to Grow” and “I’m lonely” are two different sounding tracks, what is the importance for you to take on different styles with your voice?

I think my process is cool because I don’t feel like I am in any boxes. I don’t feel like I’m in any genre. With “I’m lonely,” I used my dj software to speed it up and slow it down. I listen to gangster rap and what I love about it, is the flows. One thing that is consistent with my music, it might be more hyper pop and pop, but if you listen to my melodies and flows, they are very reminiscent of modern rap music.

Does gangster rap still influence you? What influences your right now?

Playboi Carti really influences me right now. I think we are at a point in music where the flow and energy is pushing the songs. A lot of people are like, “He said the same thing a bunch of times.” Sure, maybe he says, “Never too much,” 50 million times, but it’s hard. I’m addicted to new music. I believe in manifesting. Something that has been really inspiring is just believing in myself.

Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years?

In five years, I think I could be playing stadiums. I don’t know where I’m going to go. My event company is really taking off. In a humble way, things are going well for me. I’m packing out venues big artists are coming to. Maybe that is where I’ll be. Where do I want to be? A musician. I’m glad I’m doing stuff like this.

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