Sally Boy Heals from Heartbreak in “just friends now”

Rachael Jansky

Showing no signs of slowing down, Sally Boy gifted fans with a new single “just friends now” nearly a month after the release of his debut EP EREZ. The Philadelphia native is captivating listeners with his introspective songwriting, endless versatility, and distinctive artistic vision.

“just friends now” offers insight on navigating the nearly impossible transition from a failed relationship to a friendship. The lyrics strike a perfect, yet nearly impossible to achieve, balance between maturity and sarcasm. While admitting his own faults played a role leading to the break-up, Sally Boy does not shy away from admitting to the shortcomings of his ex. With its tongue-in-cheek lyrics and playful production, this song perfectly incapsulates the liberation of finally getting over an ex.

At just under two minutes long, the track is like interlude from EREZ into the world of music Sally Boy has ready to release this year. Check out “just friends now” below.

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