Aimee Vant’s “Voicemail” Sounds Better Than Yours

Kieran Kohorst

As overwhelming as New Music Fridays have become, there are priority artists who get plays first. Aimee Vant has become a priority artist. Another submission to her catalog of heavy-handed pop, the production and scorch-the-earth writing on “Voicemail” develops from a slow-burn to an all-encompassing blaze of vindication. While openly rejective and bitter, understated is the amount of self-worth Vant displays in setting boundaries with a partner who won’t reciprocate the efforts she’s putting forth.

“When I wrote ‘Voicemail’ with SXSSY, Zoe Giosa-Hirsch and brompton, we wanted to create an emotional ‘scream into the void’ singer-songwriter anthem,” Vant says of her latest single. “The fusion of the EDM and singer-songwriter styles in the track mirrors the coexistence of anger and tenderness in the storytelling…I rarely open up about the story of my traumatic experiences with this specific heartbreak, so leaning into specifics here unlocked an emotional door."

The Reading, MA artist has made a habit of meeting fans where they are most vulnerable. Her no-holds-barred writing makes her not only relatable but easy to root for as fans familiarize themselves with her pain and marvel at her ability to cope. A true turn-up-the-volume track, “Voicemail” is the final teaser-single for Vant’s upcoming EP, priming her for success in what will be the biggest release of her young career. You can listen to “Voicemail” now in Spatial Audio, making Vant one of the first indie artists to have access to this listening format.

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