Aimee Vant Continues to Evolve with Single “SAFEWORD”

Kieran Kohorst

When listening to a new artist, it's common to try and find the distinguishable characteristics within the music, what makes a certain song special or unique. We often take for granted that new artists are likely doing the same as they try to develop themselves, experimenting with different sounds and themes. As a new artist herself, Aimee Vant has proven her talent while remaining fluid in the kind of music she produces. Her most recent single, “SAFEWORD,” is another example of Vant trialing and succeeding in new sonic spaces. Her songwriting instincts make the track an instant earworm, complimented by the intense energy and empathetic performance Vant provides. A grungy take on the complicated dynamic of life, “SAFEWORD” is designed to play out just as the song’s lyrics explain: “crying in the car with the headlights off / Asking how my youth got lost.”

"I originally wrote SAFEWORD as an emotional singer-songwriter-esque ballad. One night I came home in an existential mood and my co-writer Tucker Click and I decided to try it out as a hard hitting pop-punk anthem,” Vant says of how the single came to be. “For these reasons, SAFEWORD has the soul of a struggling lyricist embedded in the grit and high energy of a pop-punk band. This song is one to scream along to in your car, and is made for anyone with a bit of existential dread."

Vant pulls from a diverse set of inspirations, naming Gracie Abrams, Julia Michaels, Tom Odell, Holly Humberstone, Sia, and Coldplay as notable artists that help shape her sound. Very much a representative of her generation, the themes of her music often encapsulate heartbreak, loneliness, and identity crisis, all too relatable topics for her passionate listeners.

SAFEWORD” serves as Vant’s second single of 2022, following the musically contrasted “Airbnb” released in February. Her diversity operating within the pop genre positions Vant as a star in the making, a name to familiarize yourself with sooner rather than later.

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