Aimee Vant Can’t Help But Feel Like "Trash"

Kieran Kohorst

There’s something cathartic about accepting your shortcomings, falling deeper into the abyss rather than helplessly reaching for the growingly-distant escape. It's a comfort that requires a delicate balance so not to amplify the damaging emotions to a point of danger, instead involving enough insecurity to administer a relatable response. Aimee Vant has proven to know this balance well; her latest release, “Trash,” establishes the Reading, Massachusetts native as dynamically talented and cautiously self-depreciating.

I feel 10 out of 10 / Like zero percent of the time,” she delivers plainly on the song’s first chorus, later ballooning into a desperate outburst as her pessimistic outlook overtakes the track. Written by Vant, LEV, Michael Dunaief, and Jake Bennett, the track is described by the group “as a form of therapy… We all had been feeling hopeless and the only outlet became this song.” Despite the discouraging circumstances, the final product is one that suggests nothing but optimism for Vant moving forward.

Though a noticeably different stylistic approach than Vant’s previous release “SAFEWORD,” her newest single shares some complementary qualities with her accompanying recent work. “We wanted ("Trash") to create a cheeky, scream-into-the-void singer-songwriter anthem,” Vant says of the track’s beginnings, continuing, “We all went through a lot in the last few years, especially in trying to begin our music careers during the peak of the pandemic. We all shared a feeling of frustration and helplessness that translated into the making of ‘Trash.’” With momentum building in her young career, Vant is planning the release of her debut EP later this year with ‘Trash’ serving as the title-track.

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