Alex Winston Shares New Track “Where My Cowboys At?”

Kieran Kohorst
Credit: Salter Goodson

There’s nowhere more sacred than the places music can take us, whether it be physical, spiritual, or transcendental. On Detroit-raised singer Alex Winstons latest track, you’re likely to find yourself in some twisted, disorienting multi-dimension, both compelling and oddly familiar. “Where My Cowboys At?” conjures country imagery with the bones of an Americana anthem, through the lens of a pop-rock jam. Soaring vocals and production drive home the song’s charm, with Winston's free-running spirit guiding her every step of the way. Flirting with genres and time spaces, it's near impossible not to be enthrallingly involved in the song’s performance by the final chorus. In a press release, Winston calls the track “my ode to a period of life that felt like arrested development, knowing it was time to grow up but still feeling like a kid at heart. A final bow for my bullshit.” If “Where My Cowboys At?” is Winston’s final number before this persona of hers exits stage left, there’s no doubt demands for an encore will soon follow.

“Where My Cowboys At?” follows prior single “Hot One,” both in preparation for Winston’s upcoming album. A classically trained opera vocalist, Winston sounds surprisingly at home in the indie-pop stylings to her name. Having come to this sound through strife with her former label, her transition was eased by collaboration, namely with friend Max Hershenow, who together form the duo Post Precious. Just last year, Winston celebrated the 10-year anniversary of her debut album, King Con; over a decade later and with a new sense of self established, Alex Winston’s music has never felt more appropriate. It appears as if she’s right on time. 

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