Pretty Jane & The Magazines Return with New Single "Fur Coats"

Riley Furey

Pretty Jane & The Magazines only have a few songs out in the world, and I have fallen deeper in love with each of them as time has gone on. After a relatively long hiatus from releasing music (due to a move down to Nashville), it seems like the band is gearing up for a new phase.

The guys have birthed one of the most exciting personas on their social media, and while they sit at 80,000+ followers, it’s clear that I am not the only one who shares that sentiment. With recent singles "Too Few Tattoo’s" reaching over 3 million streams, and "Shotgun Wedding" winning awards for its music video; it is now time for "Fur Coats" to kick off their new era and continue along the path they have been blazing.

‘Fur Coats’ focuses mainly on that feeling you get when someone makes you feel like the most important person in the world. That feeling when you know everything in your life brought you to this point, and it makes you feel like you will never need anybody else again. The build up to this single was littered with ingenious covers like playing Post Malone through a telephone, and it was driven home by the bands lovable cliff jumping and cave dwelling imagery.

It’s hard to find a band that simply hasn’t missed in their career, and Pretty Jane & The Magazines is one of those few. Now do yourself a favor, and allow yourself to find your new favorite indie band by listening to their new single below.

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