Master Peace and Georgia Bring Us To The Dancefloor With "I Might be Fake"

Vincent Merry

The alternative UK dance-pop scene has produced a fresh single, "I Might be Fake," that is quickly capturing the attention of both existing fans and new listeners. Blending elements of disco, pop, hip-hop, and indie rock, this sleek collaboration seems destined for radio play, club playlists, and even the new FIFA (now EA FC) soundtrack. Despite Master Peace and Georgia not yet enjoying the widespread recognition of some of their British pop counterparts, the fusion of styles on this track leaves me pondering why it hasn't ascended to the top of every indie/alternative music chart.

"I Might be Fake" kicks off with a distorted disco-rock guitar riff set against a pulsating drumbeat. Shortly after, 80s-era synths acquaint us with Peace's vocal style, reminiscent of a blend of Prince, Kele Okereke (of 'Bloc Party' fame), and perhaps a touch of Teezo Touchdown (?): "Faking life until I make it / I know my time is coming, baby / Uh-huh / Uh-huh." Following an electric pre-chorus, Georgia delivers a catchy chorus that could easily find a home on the Top 40, echoing influences from artists like Oliver Tree and Twenty One Pilots: "I'm just a poor boy, go easy my friends / Head full of dreams, pockets made of pretend." "I Might be Fake" clocks in at just under 3 minutes, sparing us any filler; it's a straight-to-the-point pop sensation.

While your favorite mainstream pop artists might churn out albums with over 20 tracks, often filled with filler, artists such as Master Peace and Georgia are dedicated to crafting perfectly honed pop gems. 


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