Ally Nicholas Laments Painful Endings with Her New Single “Fall Into”

Sundhya Alter
Credit: Connor Gaskey

Ally Nicholas creates like someone who has something to say, it's evident in her timeless vocals and the emotive spaces that she makes palpable through her writing. Even at the early stages of her career, Ally Nicholas has stayed grounded by staying true to herself and her art, pulling from childhood memories of addiction and loss to paint vivid songs along similar themes. Her most recent song, “Fall Into” is a lucid exploration of cyclical relationship patterns led by emotional hesitancy, a catalyst for a song that zooms in on loves indignation.

Resembling 90s’ and early 2000 rock/metal the track pays tribute to disappearing sounds of the past in the same way it grieves a fading relationship, nostalgic yet vulnerable to relapsing into familiar patterns. While the chorus is cryptic and overpowering, as she sings “we’re standing on the edge of our world ending, head first just like we planned it,”  the verses are where the frenetic guitar and production fade and she elegantly shines through an attempt at clarity “when all I wanted was to be the only thing you cannot replace”. Although the quieter moments of the tracks bridge reference feelings of individual soul-searching, a story only she can tell, it's her demanding vocals that make the track larger than herself, and affirms Nicholas as a powerful guide within her own lane. 

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