jxne Brings Newly Found Indie-Pop Vibes on Latest Release "Invisible"

Milly Wensley

If you’re a feel-good indie lover, jxne should undoubtedly be on your radar! Having experimented with a more alternative hip-hop sound early in his career latest track "Invisible" pivots into the indie pop soundscape. jxne is entering a new era of vulnerability and emotionally driven music. Now wanting to showcase his songwriting abilities and evolution as an artist this new sound brings the most genuine side of jxne yet. 

"Invisible" is an emotional song masked with a lively lighthearted production. The intro starts us off with the perfect guitar strum for the summer, into an equally uplifting bouncy beat. What sounds like something you could dance around to on a ‘good vibes’ playlist is met with a deeper edge. jxne sings “Some days I wish I wasn’t alone, you make me feel so Invisible," essentially reflecting on a past relationship and how he feels without this person in his life. 

This single was inspired by the 1993 movie “The Invisible Man," after watching jxne felt it resonated with him so much that he recorded the song immediately. Although it does appear to be about a relationship, this message can align with anyone who doesn’t feel seen jxne uses music as an escape from reality, his life serves as inspiration, to share his stories and help others experiencing similar things feel seen. 

I love the new direction jxne is taking with his vocals and soundscape. His hip-hop beginning was what grabbed fans' attention at first, personally, I think this sound feels much more natural. He’s proven his versatility and truly honing in on what style showcases his abilities best. Check out "Invisible" and stay tuned for what jxne’s next era of artistry brings! 

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