anders Visions Chaos on Latest EP

Ian Tsang

“How can I lose? Look at my views.” Surely anders, a seasoned yet still emerging artist from Toronto is speaking facts. The 25 year old R&B sensation is arguably one of the most underrated Canadian singers still yet to hit mainstream success.

Although anders’ music can be rather dark, he managed to take an optimistic approach to his track "Don’t Play," using “How can I lose?” as the opening mantra for his latest EP: Chaos. With the release of Chaos, anders’ discography reaches its trifecta. Similar to his two previous EPs (669 and Twos), anders uses a mixture of melancholic and sometimes upbeat melodies: in fact, he seems to be a modern version of The Weeknd’s Trilogy phase - only with twice (Twos) the untapped potential.

Drawing from personal experience, painting vivid pictures of relationships and his lavish lifestyle, anders looks to pave his own path - hoping to surpass the legend that championed the Canadian R&B movement. Chaos may very well be representative of anders’ current artistry. Although three years was a long wait between EPs, he still remained active: releasing a string of singles and features, with a select few earning their place on the ultimate EP. If those three years have shown anything, however, it's that anders’ musical taste has shifted more towards upbeat tunes as opposed to his original soulful ballads - nonetheless, both display his unique sound with no restraint. For the newcomers, both 669 and Twos are flawless records penned by the man himself; queue up "You for You," "Take It Back," "Notice (Interlude)," and "December (feat. Luca)."

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