Anderson .Paak Launches His Own Record Label Named APESHIT INC.

Nate Fenningdorf

On November 2nd, Anderson .Paak announced the inception of his new record label APESHIT INC. through a mock press conference posted to YouTube. The Silk Sonic artist's new label is still accepting demos from all artists with no limitation on the genre or language of music.

Further, the 35-year-old artist detailed the type of artists that APESHIT INC. is looking to sign. “I’m looking for artists who can captivate an audience. I want musicians, I want people that can play instruments and perform at the same time,” .Paak said. As an artist who prioritizes live instrumentation and true musical talent, Paak even said, “where is the next generation that can play instruments??” I know they’re out there. Don’t sell your instruments, this label wants to hear you!!”

The name of the label, APESHIT INC. came from “APE,” which stands for ‘Anderson .Paak Empire,’ and “SH*T” which .Paak said comes from the label being on “some other sh*t.”Lastly, Anderson. Paak spoke to what the label is intending to do in the music industry. “If the industry is like the jungle, well I guess we got no choice but to go APESHIT,” he said.

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