Get Out of Your Shadow with Andrey Azizov’s Latest Release “They Don’t Know Your Name”

Emma Neveux

Do you ever feel like a plastic bag? Yes I know, Katy Perry asked you this already a while ago. Well get ready for round two of self-reflection, thanks to Andrey Azizov's take on this existential feeling with his latest release – “They Don’t Know Your Name.”

Up and coming New York producer and designer, Andrey Azizov's progressive and atmospheric production style has been steadily attracting a growing number of fans. Known for his ability to bend styles and genres across all artistic expression, he has already worked with names such as Bazzi, Blu DeTiger and many more.

This time he’s back with a collaborative project crossing alternative rising independent artists: Hans Williams and BabyJake. Two artists who have been in their own way, revamping the modern folk and rock scene through their personal alternative pop sounds.

Their new track draws inspirations from both 70s classic rock icons such as The Stones and The Beatles – here’s your BabyJake input – as well as contemporary artists like Tame Impala – here’s your Hans Williams input. See, I told you Andrey Azizov's production blends elements from different eras and genres. He incorporates blown out drum and vocal productions that reminisce on the 2000s hip-hop era along with some psychedelic touches like pitched-up vocals, phased guitars, which serve as a subtle reflection of the disillusionment experienced within our modern society.

The trio crafted out this track out of the frustration of feeling like a mere statistic in society – or as Katy Perry would say, a mere plastic bag. Yes, now you get my little shoutout earlier. It’s a personal statement into Azizov’s career as he mentioned it signified the beginning of a bold and self-assured new phase in his career. 

So buckle up, because it seems like he’s not planning on stopping any time soon. Advice, just hop on board then, before you’ll know it you’ll already be so 2023 late.

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