Andrey Azizov and Tennis Club Come Together for Feel-Good Single “Braindead”

Timothy Weber

It’s summertime, so that means it’s also time to find your window-down jams to blast on your way to the beach. This one comes in the form of a collaboration from NYC producer Andrey Azizov and LA duo Tennis Club. “Braindead," a song that came about through Zoom sessions and exchanging voice memos, is - put simply - a vibe.

The indie pop tune begins with super dreamy guitar plucks accompanied by mellow vocals floating over the instrumental. It’s not long until the song transitions into it’s infectious hook that begs to dive deeper into your brain.

As mentioned above, this song was made with both Andrey and Tennis Club being in different parts of the country. With online collaboration becoming more common over the past year, this song feels like the perfect marriage between the creative ways we've dealt with staying inside, and the feeling many are experiencing now with being allowed back out – and it comes just in time to have some fun this summer.

Throw “Braindead” into yours ears and find your next favorite warm-weathered bop with the link below.

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