anees Gears up for His First “Summer Camp Tour”

Noah Schwartz

If you’ve been following Sheesh for a while, then you know that we’ve been huge supporters of anees for quite some time now. We did our first ever sit-down interview with him back in April and finally got to meet him after only chatting on social media prior to that. Instantly, we knew that he was a superstar and the vibe he radiates was just as authentic and genuine as you see him present himself online. One of the questions that we asked him during our interview was “what he’s looking forward to most when going on tour for the first time?” and here's what he said:

With that being said, “Summer Camp Tour” starts this Friday, July 15th, 2022. TRUST ME… If you’re on the east coast, this is a show you do not want to miss. Fresh off a performance on Jimmy Kimmel, he’s more than ready to give his fans the best experience possible. His highly anticipated single “leave me” is also finally making its release on July 29th, following up his hit record “sun and moon." Ok, I’m done hyping up my guy because I could go on and on. Just go see him if you’re around and want to catch a great concert.

Get tickets to anees' debut tour here.

Watch our full interview with anees here.

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