anees Stays on Brand with Highly Anticipated New Single “sun and moon”

Kieran Kohorst

The quickest path to success is through consistency, something anees has been practicing for over a year now. Having built a brand through his genuine uplifiting personality and subsequent music, anees crafts the ultimate sing-alongs for anyone in any setting. He is most popular on TikTok, where he passionately delivers his songs in hotel lobbies, minimal beach crowds, and solo in his car. With the release of his newest single, “sun and moon,” anees has put himself on the path to bring his charm to stages and audiences exceeding his online popularity.

Undoubtedly, anees’s presentation is one of the most attractive qualities of his music. He gleefully strains his vocals to convey a medley of emotions that cooperate even in their seeming contradiction. Longing and regret, vengeance and satisfaction, selfishness and sacrifice, fortune and fate: all supposedly juxtaposing ideas that anees’s unique vocal talents allow to live in harmony within a single chorus. All of these themes exist solely in how anees manipulates his voice, an incredibly impressive task to complete with only one dimension of his performance.

“sun and moon” is equipped with romantic lyricism that is complemented by the snap-rhythm and steady guitar employed throughout. The single fits naturally in the company of prior releases “too good to be true” and “what lovers do,” expanding his sonic offering but playing to the same strengths identified in his past music. Every track showcases anees’s intoxicating charisma, a characteristic that leads listeners to quickly transition into fans of not only the music but the artist. A necessity on summer playlists incoming, “sun and moon” further solidifies anees as an artist beyond the viral hype.

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