Annie Omalley Wants You to "klose the door"

Samantha DeCarlo

Annie Omalley has identified her own genre as "Temper Tantrum Pop" since moving from Chicago to Los Angeles. She just recently dropped a song entitled "klose the door," which will be featured on her 2024 sophomore album, all the things that skare me. The track is about that person you have trouble letting go of, yet they continue to knock on your door. The song "klose the door" was written by Annie Omalley and produced by Nydge, with mixing done by JJ Catalyst.

Throughout her career, Annie O'Malley has found that reflecting on life lessons is the most impactful way to create art. Annie grew up in a school that made you feel inadequate if you weren't always right. But she discovered her own power by playing around with the spellings of song titles. In doing so, she not only boosts her inner child but also spreads a message that art knows no boundaries or restrictions. Her goal is to show people who have been told they are too sensitive that they should not run from it but embrace it instead.

Currently, Annie has played 2 tours with Chicago, a 1970s progressive rock band, and Phora, a 28-year-old rapper. While she began releasing music in 2018, her first album, Scrapbook, was released in 2022 and was followed by her EP, The Koldest Season. She has helped bring new listeners to her own brand of pop with over 107K monthly Spotify listeners.

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