Arcy Drive Returns With Unabashed Honesty on “Superbloomer”

Riley Furey
William Wark

I feel so lucky to be getting deep into music the same time that Arcy Drive is on their come up. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again; they are simply one of the most exciting acts on the scene right now.

They performed their latest single “Superbloomer” when I saw them on tour in Columbus (where Liam Brock also played another single I wrote about), and it was one of those times you just know you’re hearing one of your favorite songs as they're playing it. Arcy Drive manages to bottle up the emotions of an entire lifetime into every song they write, and “Superbloomer” encapsulates the emotion of not being able to be enough for the person you’re in love with no matter how bad you wish you could be.

The band moves with unabashed honesty in their lyrics, and walks (barefoot) with the surety of a group doing exactly what feels right to them. They originally were planning to release another song in the stead of this one, but after sitting on the pair for a little while, “Superbloomer” came out victorious. And man am I glad it did.

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