Kayla DiVerne Faces the Challenges of Modern Dating on “Date Myself”

Ben Wego

Hailing from Montreal and now based in Los Angeles, 19 year old alternative pop artist, Kayla DiVerne, also known for her acting roles in shows like Love Victor, Law & Order, and Light as a Feather – DiVerne is now proving herself as a true double threat with her developing music career.

Her latest release “Date Myself” is an ode to the complexities of the modern dating scene which has left many young adults frustrated and unsatisfied with relationships. The battle of modern dating, majority online, has made it challenging for young adults today to be successful in finding fulfilling relationships. Many of the obstacles that we face with modern dating are the superficiality of the internet as an interface for dating, the dangers of catfishing, and the overall lack of transparency of emotional and face to face connection.

DiVerne says that she realized the significance of self-love and alone time in writing “Date Myself.” Holding yourself to a high standard and protecting your self-worth is a huge component of the song’s message. “I look in the mirror / I’ve been through hell / I wanna feel what I never felt / I kinda wanna date myself,” she sings over compelling alt drums and guitar. DiVerne’s delicate and bright vocal tonality meshed with her soda pop style is a sound that fans of Tate McRae and Carlie Hanson will gratifyingly absorb with delight.

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