Buppy. Continues To Make Waves with Release Of Latest EP, ‘names&places’ [EP REVIEW]

Rachel Guttman

In a constantly shifting landscape of contemporary music, Buppy. emerges as an artist whose trajectory is as intriguing as his music itself. Despite being just 19 years old, his music displays a sense of maturity and honesty that extends well beyond his years. Hailing from Park City, Utah, his formative years were blissful and unassuming, but the city lacked a local music scene for him to draw inspiration from. Faced with this void, Buppy. decided to be the missing puzzle piece.

As a true jack of all trades, his music defies easy classification. It’s a mesmerizing fusion of musical fabrics, where he dabbles in the likes of hip-hop/rap, pop, and alternative genres. His new EP, names&places, displays that as all 6 tracks transcend the confines of traditional genres. Through his music, Buppy. invites listeners to explore the emotional landscapes of his life, deftly weaving together tales of heartbreak, comedy, confusion, and fun. His experiences are etched into each song, capturing the essence of his personal odyssey as a young artist coming of age. With each track, he offers us a piece of himself and creates a deeply personal yet universally relatable musical journey.

names&places by Buppy. is more than just an EP; it is an open invitation to witness the world through the eyes and ears of an emerging artist who is forging his own unique path in the ever-evolving landscape of contemporary music.

Discover the sonic wonder of ‘names&places’ by giving it a listen below!

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