If You Liked BROCKHAMPTON, You’ll Love “Dimes” by Ari Morgan

Riley Furey
Credit: Zuzana Blur

If you're searching for a spark in a post BROCKHAMPTON world, Ari Morgan delivers you exactly that on "Dimes." And if you're reading this post today, odds are you like discovering up and coming artists – lucky for you, you're here while he's still below 2,000 monthly listeners.

The track has the best parts of BH's lead vocalist Bearface, combined with choruses that we're used to hearing from Ryan Beatty, all combined into a DIY/bedroom pop masterpiece.

I'm constantly seeking music that makes me feel how it did hearing my favorite bands for the first time, and after hearing "Dimes," the younger me has found a moment of solace. And with only three songs out in the world at the time of writing, Ari Morgan is surely one to keep an eye on.

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