BABYKIRA Lights Up with Incredible Vocals on Debut Track, "Green Light"

Ian Hansen

Discovering BABYKIRA's music is like stumbling upon a genre-defying gem. It's a blend of soulful melodies, indie songwriter vibes, and R&B elements that defy classification. With the release of his debut track, "Green Light," I'm already convinced it's destined for my end-of-year playlist. There's a resonance reminiscent of Frank Ocean, yet uniquely his own, which fills me with joy.

I first encountered BABYKIRA's raw talent on TikTok, where his unfiltered vocals reeled me in. "Green Light" begins with his pure vocals, gradually building into a mesmerizing blend of lush piano loops and a pulsating bassline that complements his voice flawlessly. The song concludes with a filtered electric guitar, adding to its dreamy allure.

In my opinion, BABYKIRA stands out as one of the most promising new voices in music. His authenticity shines through in his songwriting, free from imitation. I wholeheartedly believe he's destined for superstardom.

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