Denzel Curry Announces New Sequel Mixtape

Vincent Merry

Denzel Curry is back with a collaborative track, "HOT ONE," featuring TiaCorine and A$AP Ferg. This track coincides with Denzel's announcement of his sequel mixtape, King Of The Mischievous South Vol. 2. True to its title, "HOT ONE" incorporates many elements of Southern hip-hop, which has significantly influenced the sound and aesthetic of mainstream contemporary hip-hop. A thumping trap beat, a looped vocal sample from "Fear No Evil" by Gimisum Family, and three excellent vocal performances make "HOT ONE" a perfect mixtape track.

Denzel is in full flex mode, rapping, “I can make money from the comfort of my sofa / So much drive, now I gotta get a chauffeur,” and grabs our attention with the first verse. TiaCorine’s flow fits perfectly with the fast-paced trap hi-hats, “Ain't doin' crimes, he g3on' do it for me 'cause I'm super fine / Aunt Jemine, cookin' bitches up, I'm eatin' every time.” A$AP Ferg showcases a dynamic performance with plenty of energy and personality, “I flip a lil' milli', I copped me a villa / Diamonds is silly, more ice than Vanilla.”

If "HOT ONE" is indicative of the rest of the mixtape, we are in for a phenomenal summer trap mixtape.

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