Hear Aria Lisslo Loud and Clear on “Dating Myself”

Kieran Kohorst

Every character needs their theme music, and Aria Lisslo has found one for herself in “Dating Myself,” her new single that reverberates across her past releases. With a subtly menacing instrumental reinforcing her cut-throat delivery, Lisslo sends a warning shot to those who approach her with a frightening aura: “I’ve been dating myself in 2002 as someone who’s too young for you,” she sings on the chorus. Firmly transfixed in the love triangle of me, myself, and I, Lisslo is self-assured, and for good reason. The song’s sentiment boldly represents Lisslo’s attitudes, with the artist saying, “If I were a pull-string-doll, "Dating Myself’ would play everytime you pulled my string – it’s everything I want to say and more.”

“Dating Myself” is the first single of the year for the New York artist, a track sure to build momentum towards her next release. In an R&B field brimming with talent, Lisslo has managed to stand out due not only to her talent but unique inspirations - she cites Digable Planets, Little Jackie, and The Beatles as formative tastemakers in her music. If her distinguished style isn’t enough to identify Aria Lisslo, just listen for the sounds of “Dating Myself” and know that she can’t be far away.

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