Sundiata Dives Into a New Era With His Latest Single, “Cardinal Sin”

Olive Soki

Just last year Sundiata shared his debut record HOUSE OF STRAYS. A solid representation of his unique take on a variation of genre bending sounds, his debut left quite a strong impression on us. With such a passionate and intriguing debut on his hands, it was only a matter of time before he broke his silence and revealed his latest track.

Reminiscent of 90s alt-rock, “Cardinal Sin” sees Sundiata share more of his story as he ushers us into this new era. Haunted by the ghost of RHCP adjacent instrumentation, yet actualized by his individual taste and craft, “Cardinal Sin” combines some of his best influences while allowing for his own vision to shine through. 

The by-product of an impactful conversation he exchanged with a stranger, which inspired him to reflect on his own story and put some of his upbringing on paper, “Cardinal Sin” is filled with illusive anecdotes about his coming of age. Occasionally commenting on the seemingly futile nature of life, in his own way, Sundiata reminds us of a simple phrase Brazilian author, Clarice Lispector once wrote, “...we ought to live despite.” Beyond the unfairness, the hurt, and the hurdles there are stories to be shared and communities to be found -  all of which Sundiata’s music continues to explore in radically creative ways.

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