Mack Keane's Self-Expression Journey on “Chances”

Samantha DeCarlo
Credit: Mark Peaced

Having grown up in a musical family, Mack Keane thrives as an artist, producer, songwriter, and performer. A storyteller at heart, Mack shares his experiences through melodies and lyrics that are therapeutic. The Los Angeles native grew up collecting CDs from artists such as Stevie Wonder, Steely Dan, Outkast, Pharell William, and Frank Ocean. His early work was largely self-produced, but Keane has begun collaborations that have given him new inspiration and energy. Some of these collaborations include artists Kaytranada, UMI, and Ambré. Mack has also been featured on NPRs Tiny Desk alongside Joyce Wrice.

With his latest passionate, slow jam, "Chances," Mack dives deep into themes of acceptance and staying grounded in reality, emphasizing the importance of acknowledging the aspects of life that are beyond our control.  Mack explains, “It’s a real story and a timestamp of that period of my life, which is always the intention of my music. The lyrics in the second verse are my favorite because it’s something that I'm still learning to do in my life today: letting go, accepting the things that I can’t control, and staying present and grounded in this reality.” 

This new era in Mack Keane's artistic expression is characterized by an increased openness, fuelled by a commitment to transparency and self-reflection. In "Chances," he fearlessly unveils a vulnerable aspect of his personal life through the line, "I was fucked up by somebody who didn’t mean anything to me" allowing listeners to delve deeper into his emotional world. The songwriting credits belong to Mack himself, and the track is co-produced by the talented Aabo. Contributing their musical expertise to the composition are Mauricio Guerrero on guitar, Cory Kenji on bass, and Jayvid Borja on congas, further enhancing the melodies that embrace the listener.

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