Jordan Dean Era Bends On New Single "The Way The World Is"

Riley Furey
Photo by @tessa.christine.creative

Jordan Dean is fresh off of playing Kind of Consistent's Three Year Anniversary Show, and I figured it was time to cover one of his songs on Sheesh to further celebrate the occasion. “The Way The World Is” is his first release in nearly six months, and it resides in a pocket that seems like the most self actualized version yet of where Jordan's sound seeks to be.

With assumed influences of artists like The Strokes, the Arctic Monkeys, and other bands of the UK Garage assemblage, Jordan has begun to establish himself as one of the most promising acts coming up within the genre. TWTWI is set apart from any of his earlier work due to the fact that the track was recorded as most singles would be, but in post it was run through a vintage analog converter, and the process left us with an era bending smash hit.

One of the elements of Jordan’s music that has stood out to me most across all of his music is the substance of his guitar tone and his leading melody lines, and you can find that in abundance with this most recent offering. “The Way The World Is” is just one of more to come in his “From The Garage” series, and once you tap into this debut, I’m sure you will be looping his discography all the way back to the beginning because you simply can’t get enough of the Ohio native’s sound.

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