thebandfriday Perfectly Captures Love and Growing Up On “Homesickness”

Preston Breck

Thebandfriday is slowly but surely becoming a name to know in indie-folk. The duo’s first two tracks, “Blue Jeans” and “Remedy," made noise for their instantly catchy, upbeat yet emotional feel, drawing comparisons to Noah Kahan, Hozier, and others. Now, the two return with “Homesickness," a slower, meditative take on love when life gets in the way. 

The track starts with a warm, instantly welcoming guitar intro before the opening words reveal the song’s theme immediately: “I don’t wanna go, no I don’t wanna leave home now." As the song builds, the duo’s vocals build more and more as they layer blissful harmonies over soft drums. The song focuses on finding a solace in love that you can’t leave, even when growing up gets in the way. Lyrics like “I never saw a thing, but you keep me calm” speak on love helping you stay grounded when time seems like it’s constantly flying by. The song ends on a beautiful note, its guitar and drums making way for the group’s heavenly vocals to float away. 

While “Homesickness” is only thebandfriday’s third song, it shows how versatile the group can be, conveying striking emotion from uptempo folk tunes to ballads. With a few shows this spring and more on the way, look for thebandfriday to make more and more noise as the year goes on. 

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