Ashley Mehta’s "When I Ride" Is a Refreshingly Minimalist Blend of Hip-Hop and Pop

Phin Choukas

The Bay-area artist Ashley Mehta is back with her latest single, "When I Ride." The follow-up to the massively successful "Butter," "When I Ride" picks up right where she left off and cranks her sound and energy to a new level. "Butter" is a clean and beautiful R&B track showcasing Mehta’s command as a vocalist. "When I Ride" is similarly minimalist in its production, swapping the softer, more melodic vibe in "Butter" for hard 808s and trap drums. "When I Ride" is a versatile track that can be listened to almost anywhere. While it will certainly get the crowd going in a live setting, "When I Ride" is also something I’ve been listening to while working out and studying.

With little to hide behind, production-wise, there’s no doubting Mehta’s talent, as her vocals are the star of the show. The simplicity of the production allows Mehta to carry the track and showcase those earworm hooks that we’ve come to expect from her. Judging off this latest release, it’s safe to say that Ashley Mehta has more to say, and we’ll be here for it. Stream "When I Ride" below.

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