mazie’s World Keeps “spinnin” in Latest Single

Perry Avgerinos

Quickly becoming not only a favorite artist, but also a favorite human at Sheesh, the Baltimore-born mazie makes her return after releasing her debut EP the rainbow cassette this past summer. Bringing her staple polychromatic psychedelia sound, mazie releases "spinnin" today, fittingly keeping the wheels of her career spinning.

To describe mazie's sound visually, think of the video game Mario Kart – riding carefree on rainbow roads, continuing to level up by consuming special power mushrooms. Like the rest of her discography, "spinnin" fuses glossy vocal harmonies and melodies, with alt-pop/indie uptempo instrumentation. While riding the high of mazie's untroubled mood, you almost fail to notice her often deep-rooted existentialism within her lyrics, creating an addicting blend of authenticity and fanaticism. Produced by longtime friend and collaborator, Elie Jay Rizk, "spinnin" continues to show the duo's unmatched dynamic – carving out their own lane within the alt-pop space.

Coming off her first festival performance at Governor's Ball 2021 in New York, where we got to ask her a few questions, mazie is also gearing up for her first national tour, supporting COIN this fall. If "spinnin" is your first introduction to mazie, make sure to also dive into her EP and latest collaboration with Chloe Moriondo. Listen to "spinnin below."

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