Felly Reminds Us "Nothing Last Forever" in New Single

Perry Avgerinons

In the midst of his current headline tour, Felly made sure to still make time to give his fanbase some new music. Catering to his hip-hop day ones, “Nothing Last Forever,” sees Felly mask real topics with bright piano chords and confident flows as he sings “mixing pain with pleasure / as long as you remember, nothing last forever.”

Written and recorded while in Denmark, Felly tapped into the surrounding source energy, transmuting the new atmosphere into inspiration to push his sound to new realms. The outro really sees Felly let loose, combining a production switch up full of saturated drums with Felly gleefully singing “La La La La La La,” in a carefree, “I don’t care what anyone thinks” demeanor. 

“Nothing Last Forever” seems to be the third single on the upcoming project from the LA-based artist. Felly’s tour has looked like an absolute blast with the way he engages with the crowds, and mixes live instrumentation with the OG hip-hop anthems of his catalog. With 14 dates left on the Goodmorning Broken World Tour, now is a perfect time to catch a Felly set.

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