Australia's Hauskey Waits for Something to "Go Wrong" in Latest Single

Perry Avgerinos

New to our page, meet Hauskey. The Perth, Australia native debuts his latest release "Go Wrong," an infectiously catchy tune just in time for the single hopefuls on Valentine's day. Radiating warm, indie pop instrumentation, you almost don't realize the song's lyrical intention, believing that the good times in a relationship are almost too good to be true. Hauskey sings in the chorus:

"I get suspicious if I get my wishes,

If I'm doing great, the something must go wrong,

I know it isn't healthy and it doesn't help me,

But I sit and wait for something to go wrong."

The uptempo delivery of this familiar viewpoint matched with the carefree vowel melodies ensure the song will be stuck in your head long after listening. From producing, writing, and performing all of his music at this quality, to having even started his own full-staffed music school with over 500 students, it's safe to say Hauskey is incredibly talented and multi-versed – two necessities to make it in this industry. To ride the momentum, Hauskey also announced a 3-stop Australian tour called the "Go Wrong" tour, taking place in April. If more songs as singable as "Go Wrong," are on the horizon, then it's likely you'll be seeing much more from this rising sensation soon.

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