Alaina Castillo Assures You She's "got u" in New Single "stfu"

Ian Tsang

Texas based singer Alaina Castillo’s newest track, "stfu (i got u)," certainly “got us” ready for more. Only three minutes long, it serves as a reminder that she’s on the verge of a breakthrough – a budding bilingual singer that seamlessly blends her Spanish-singing background towards the modern Latin-pop genre. For those fortunate enough to discover her talent early on, this serves as the next step along her musical journey, and we’re here for it.

“You could never stay away,

Got you craving me all day.

Once you’re in my state of mind,

I’ll never let you escape cause it’s too late,

I got you babe.”

Her ability to sing in both Spanish and English goes on full display in tracks such as: “papacito,” “mentiras,” and “tonight” – although her song “valentine’s day” may be begging for your discovery ahead of this Sunday. Alaina may also be recognizable from her TikTok following – exponentially building her fanbase over the past year on an account garnering 14 million + likes, and 1.7 million followers. What’s even more exciting is the possibility they’ll discover her dual talent beyond the screen: her singing. Alaina is sitting on a mountain of gold with millions of followers unaware of her musical background. Since her fanbase is loyal, they very well may be what propels her career to new heights.

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