ÄYANNA Shines In New Single and Video for “Girlfriend”

Kieran Kohorst
Credit: Maddie Corboda

ÄYANNA is forthright when it comes to her philosophy. “I don’t believe in coincidences,” she sings on her newest track, “Girlfriend,”  breaking up the final word into five audacious syllables. It’s hard to blame her: with a swagger like the one she flaunts on the track and a voice ready-made for R&B supremacy, ÄYANNA’s immediate success is more attributed to fate than luck. With early co-signs from Stormzy and Summer Walker, the 23-year-old singer has made an impression with her early releases and “Girlfriend” is no outlier. It's a song to dedicate to your crush, but only if you have a bold personality. ÄYANNA puts all her cards on the table, domineering over the track with the confidence of a sure-thing. And why wouldn’t she - who could turn down a golden-voiced admirer with the fate of the world on her side? 

ÄYANNA also shares a music video for the track, amplifying the song’s charm as she parades around a café with conviction, serving coffee and looks to her new obsession. Between her charismatic performance in the store and her choreography, ÄYANNA flaunts a natural charm that can make a listener a fan in only one listen. 

Even though her name may still appear a novelty, ÄYANNA’s artistry is deep-rooted. She began singing at only 4 years old, and after growing up in Jamaica and the UK, she seemed poised to begin a career in law. Her true dream was to be an artist, and her early attempts at releasing music provided all the encouragement she needed: her single “Party Tricks” became a break-out hit, justifying her career choice beyond the doubt of coincidence. As she moves forward in complete confidence, ÄYANNA has already begun to make her mark with a heart-eyed anthem for the courageous romantics to share.

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