The Hails Waltz to Greater Heights with Their Latest Single, “Heaven” (ft. Kwin)

Olive Soki
Credit: Steph Estrada

It is both a very exciting and nerve wracking time to be a fan of The Hails. There is so much to look forward to from the band  - that exciting thing being their debut album, which will hopefully be out very soon - that patience can prove itself to be more difficult than it truly ought to be. Thankfully the band’s been a graceful bunch throughout this process, announcing and releasing music at a forgiving pace throughout the year, one of which being  their latest single, “Heaven.”

Switching up their usual indie rock sound for a waltzy groove, The Hails have yet again unveiled another side to the ever-changing wonder that is their sound. A tasteful vocal collaboration between the bands frontman Robbie Kingsley and Kwin, embellished by guitarist Franco Solari, “Heaven” masterfully titters between ease and tension. Speaking on the conception of the single, Solari shares in a press release, “‘Heaven’ emerged as our first in-person collaboration after months of remote songwriting, fostering a melodic exchange between myself and Robbie. As the penultimate single from our debut album, it incites introspection about one’s lasting influence, even in absence.”

A slight departure from their signature style, yet just as effective as the former, “Heaven” offers their listeners steady arms to take on their own introspective journeys, all while elevating the heavenly experience better known as The Hails.

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