Ayleen Valentine Puts Together Forward Thinking EP, 'tonight i don’t exist' [EP Review]

Ian Hansen

Ayleen Valentine’s EP, tonight i don’t exist, has some of the best combination of raw emotion, forward thinking production, and angelic vocals I’ve heard all year.

She wrote the project after dropping out of college and traveling across the country, and it explores topics such as depression, love, and experiences of death and loss.  When I say forward thinking, I mean music that is timeless and will still sound fresh in 5-10 years. The way her blissful vocals fit into the beats as an instrument of its own is rare for a musician to accomplish and she does it effortlessly.

Starting with the intro track, “heaven,” she sings over a minimalist piano with these stunning drum patterns. There are portions of the track where her vocals are chopped in a way that adds such a fantastic touch.

Other tracks such as, “nothing,” featuring Chaos Canine and “i am a ghost,” take a more simplistic approach in the production, but that is where her vocals and songwriting shine even more. Songs such as, “falling all the way down” and “next life” have this ambience to it that makes me feel as if I’m floating.

Ayleen Valentine will be around for a long time because of her natural ability to bring something different to the table and sing with authenticity. Listen below:

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