ayokay Returns with Atmospheric, Reflective Single, "I Still Need You"

Rachel Guttman

ayokay recently followed up his first live performance back since the pandemic, with the release of his second single in this release cycle, “I Still Need You” along with an accompanying music video. ayokay, otherwise known as Alex O’Neill, just shared the stage at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado with talented musicians, Quinn XCII, Chelsea Cutler, and Jeremy Zucker – and is hitting the ground running this year with his music. He shared that not only does this track “mark the halfway point of his album both sonically and visually,” but it is also “the most confident” he has ever felt with his music in his career.

Throughout the music video, ayokay depicts a narrative of a girl distancing herself from the “real world” and leaving the main male character inside of a computer to have his own unique experiences. The girl “explores an abandoned hotel where she built the computer,” which gives viewers a look into the “lonely atmosphere she has come to adopt as her home.” Through this alternative lens, we get the chance as viewers to understand two perspectives, as we see the girl’s actions unfold while also seeing the boy’s view inside the computer screen.

“I Still Need You” is a testament to how far ayokay has come as an artist. He effectively blends pop and R&B-influenced EDM to create a catchy, emotive piece. I was hooked into the song from the first second I first listened to it, through its warm piano chords which roll into the first verse featuring ayokay’s own enchanting vocals. The track’s production works in harmony with the other musical elements to create a melodic, baseline-driven track that also evokes feelings of inspiration and thought.

Listen to “I Still Need You” below:

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