Baby Jane Explores the Dark Side of Love with 'A CRY 4 HELP' Mixtape [Premiere]

Perry Avgerinos

Some people say you're a product of your surroundings, and for Calabasas native Baby Jane, her "clout culture" upbringing is the exact catalyst for her rebellious, yet empowered female voice she stands for.

With her first release of 2021, Baby Jane debuts an impressive 12 track mixtape titled A CRY 4 HELP.  The project ranges in genre influences, led by the differences in production, but throughout, Baby Jane retains her "Industrial Pop," Alternative-Grunge sound. Inspired by the cinematic narratives of love and ambition, you hear Baby Jane explore the darker side of relationships from her dominant female lens throughout the project.

Jane showcases her polished songwriting with her airy alluring vocal tonality in "Dollar Store" when she says:

"how does it feel, are you lonely

walking around with a dollar store me"

Backed with trap drums and grungy-electric guitar riffs, you feel the angst and emotion Jane must have felt seeing an ex-partner with an "off brand" version of her. Juxtaposing this with a lighter tone in "Soda," Baby Jane shows a more vulnerable side of herself, singing:

"you break my heart on purpose

tear me apart i'm nervous

you look so good in person

I don't know if it's worth it"

The crisp guitar melody and trap drums in "Soda" create a vibe that's more familiar to you Hip-Hop/Pop fans, yet still hold the integrity of Baby Jane's overall emotion and attitude of her lyrics. There's even tastes of bass heavy sonics and electronic influences such as in her track "Roadkill," one of my favorites off the mixtape, reminding me of her 2020 standout "Ski Mask." Baby Jane is still fairly new to the scene, but it seems like she's rounding a corner in her career with 2021 looking very promising.

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